Sales Manager

Pat Meyering - Sales Manager

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 Pat works with customers to help provide them with the proper equipment to make their job, or personal life more enjoyable. His job often requires patience when ordering new equipment and implements, but that can be exciting as well. He enjoys meeting new people everyday and working to help them meet the challenges they face. (Driving and operating the KubotaTerexHusqvarna, and Hustler Turf equipment is also a fun perk!)

Pat is married to Angela, a very fun, strong, beautiful girl.  “I still don’t know how she puts up with me,” he says. They have two boys Caden and Ryker ages 8 and 4 that bring joy and excitement to their lives. Pat grew up in Byron Center, and has recently built a new house there. His ideal vacation is any time he can spend with his family, and favorite movies include The Good Dinosaur, Zootopia, and Minions (can you tell he has kids??).

If he could meet anyone, he would choose John Dudley, host of the Nock On TV show, because he seems like a great guy and has a ton of knowledge when it comes to archery. His favorite things include the Mustang Shelby GT500, softball, baseball and coaching his 8-year-old’s boys team, and Italian food, but he thinks that cottage cheese is weird (who doesn’t right?). He says he is a neat freak, loves spending time with his family, batting practice, and chasing mature whitetail deer around. If Pat won the lottery, he would love to buy a piece of hunting property so that he and his family can spend quality time together as possible, and enjoy the outdoors.

Pat’s favorite time of the year is September through December, and we all agree with him. Come in or call Kent Equipment this fall and see what our Sales Manager, Pat can do for you: or 616-675-5368.