Parts Assistant

Andy Hilden - Parts Assistant "Ancient Parts Finder"

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Andy Hilden, is in the Kent Equipment spotlight this week! Andy is our Parts Assistant, who works closely with customers to find the exact parts they need to repair and maintain their equipment. Before working with us at Kent, Andy worked as a tree cutter and skidder at a logging company. Now, Andy enjoys meeting new people, and assisting clients with their parts needs.  But, he is especially fond of learning about all of the new equipment we offer. That being said, he also enjoys searching out obsolete and hard to find parts for what he calls, “ancient equipment”.

Growing up in Grant, Andy went to Grant Public Schools. He has three beautiful daughters: Tiana 20, Amelia 15, and Andrea 13. His favorite food is tacos and his least favorite thing to eat is fish, and liver and onions (can’t say I blame him on either of those). His favorite movie is A River Runs Through it, but his favorite quote is from another genre entirely, “make my day punk”.

In his free time, Andy loves to fish, hunt, hike, boat, and ride his Honda Sabre motorcycle. His all time favorite vehicle is a 1976 Ford F150, but if he won the lottery, his first buy would be a new custom designed motorcycle. As an avid outdoorsman, ultimately, he would love to travel to Montana where he could hunt, fish, and hike, with his youngest brother.

We’re lucky to have Andy working with in the Kent Equipment parts department. If you have any questions, or need help finding the right parts for your equipment, contact Andy today at 616-675-5368 or