Office Manager

Kerry Balch - Office Manager "Mom"

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Kerry Balch is in the Kent Equipment Spotlight this week! Kerry is our go to gal, otherwise known as our Office Manager. She takes care of our accounting, A/P, A/R, payroll, and even cleaning the restrooms. In other words, she is our resident “mom”. Kerry changes hats multiple times daily, which can be a challenge, but she loves working with numbers, and does a great job keeping us on track!

Kerry and her husband, Randy, have been married for 16 years and have a combined total of 5 kids: Joshua 34, Raechel 33, Kendall 30, Kyle 29, and Taylor 23. She grew up in Taylor, and attended Truman High School. But, before working at Kent Equipment, Kerry lived in Wisconsin and was the town treasurer. She collected taxes and issued dog tags from her home, where neighbors came to pay, and would stay for coffee, visiting for hours and becoming friends. Her favorite vacation was travelling out west with her mom, dad, and sisters when she was 15. “Life was so simple and I remember just laughing – even when my parents brand new car broke down on the way to Mt. Rushmore.” Some day Kerry wants to take a train through Europe. 

Kerry would like to meet Queen Elizabeth, as she has been the face of a country for a long, long time and has in my lifetime always kept it together.  “I would love to hear her take on just general topics.” If she has to eat one meal, every day for the rest of her life, it will be fish (grouper to be specific). But don’t you dare put whipped cream on anything! The Big Chill is her favorite movie, and her favorite quote is, “there is no normal life – there’s just life.” She is on a golf league with her friends and loves to golf with her husband.  She has 6 grandchildren (5 are boys) whom she does a lot with them and right now its bowling! Kerry is a history nut; whose dream job is tornado chasing (WHAT??). Interestingly enough, she also spent 18 years as a dairy farmer in Wisconsin (that explains the whipped cream disdain). Finally, if she could have anything in the world, she would like to place her dad’s name on the top of the list for a lung transplant.

Kerry is an integral part of Kent Equipment, and we can’t get through a day without our “mom”. If you have any financial questions or concerns, she is available to assist you at or call 616-675-5368.