Do Everything Service Tech

Jon Waller - "Do Everything" Service Technician

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The first Kent Equipment spotlight of 2017 is on Jon Waller, Service Tech. Although he hasn’t been with us as long as some employees, Jon has proven himself to be invaluable to the team here at Kent. He is always willing to lend a helping hand, and is the person who is always willing to “do anything.”  Jon explains that every day is full of new challenges, and that keeps his job as a service technician interesting. In fact, he says “for eight hours a day I’m hands deep in the funnest work I’ve ever known.”

Born and raised in Kent City, Jon is the third youngest of four kids, and is currently single, but has a great dog named River who he likes to spend time with. He is a fan of the movie Blade Runner, and when asked about his favorite quote, he chose Roy Batty’s death soliloquy, “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.” (An excellent choice in my opinion!) He also says that if he could meet anyone, he would go back in time to meet the caretakers of the Library of Alexandria

When asked what his least favorite food is, Jon adamantly declared it was a “trick question” since he’ll eat anything! But his favorite thing would be anything, as long as it’s stir fried. Even more interesting, is his choice in favorite car, truck, or motorcycle! He would want a belly tank racer. Now what the heck is that? It’s a race car made from the fuel tank from an old WWII fighter plane. Check out this great video about belly racers here.  

Jon’s hobbies include riding his Tomos Targa LX Moped, riding with the Grand Rapids Ghost Riders - Moped Gang, and the Moped Army. He is ambidextrous, and oddly enough, was born with extra teeth. If he won the lottery, Jon says that he would buy a large piece of property outside the United States. His reasoning? So that he can live off grid without concern for his neighbors, as he’s “racing around the block” in his 1967 Corvette. (Now who wouldn’t enjoy that?)

We’re proud to have Jon as our Kent Equipment spotlight employee for January. Please feel free to contact Jon or any of our other service technicians with any service questions: or call 616-675-5368.