Why Rent Equipment?

Why Rent Equipment?

Posted by Bryan Buskard on 17 August 2016 | Comments

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Why Rent Equipment?

Hey there everyone! Let’s discuss renting vs. buying equipment today. This is a question that comes up often, here at Kent Equipment, and there are varying schools of thought on the subject. Sometimes, it seems that one or the other is the easiest way to get a project done. But, there are serious considerations that should be evaluated before coming to a too quick decision.

Home Owners

One of the best things for home owners is that renting equipment before you purchase it gives you the opportunity to test out various products. This allows you to make sure that the features offered will meet your needs before you invest in a new piece of equipment, only to find out it doesn’t do what you need it too. No one likes to find out after the fact that you’ve bought the wrong piece of equipment for the job!

A second consideration for renting equipment is that renting equipment allows you to get your work done in a fraction of the time. If you are landscaping your yard, your choice is to use a shovel, wheel barrel, landscape rake and drag a chain link fence (or bed springs) behind you lawn mower. Depending on the job this can take 1-3 days (or longer) to complete. Rent a Kubota tractor with a back blade and bucket in front, or a Terex skid steer and you can accomplish everything in a few hours instead of a few days. You save your back, and besides, it’s just plain fun using a machine to do the work instead of killing yourself. This is why we came up with our tagline, “Solutions that turn work into play.”

So make sure to come in and see, or call Ben in our Rental Department 616-675-5368  for your next big project. He’ll be happy to help you figure out exactly what you do, and don’t need! 


For contractors things can be a bit more complicated, when it comes to buying or renting pieces of equipment. Yet, renting allows you to free up cash flow for other things besides equipment that you may only use a few times a year. You can bid each job, and by using Kent Equipment’s rental fleet you can use the right piece of equipment for each project. Instead of utilizing an excavator when you need a skid steer or a backhoe when you need an excavator, Ben can help you figure out exactly what you need. Plus, when you bid the job you will know your exact overhead costs of the equipment you need for each job. How disappointing is it to have 4 or 5 pieces of equipment in your fleet that you only use a few times a year. Then in December you think you made money until your accountant does your taxes and factors in deprecation and insurance…ouch. Instead, by renting equipment you know what your exact costs are per job and can utilize your cash flow for other things like taking your sweetie to Florida in the winter. 

Of course there are many things to consider and hopefully the following chart will help you to make the right decision. Either way, buying or renting, remember Kent Equipment has all your needs covered! We offer solutions that turn work into play. –Bryan