What to do About Those Dandelions

What to do About Those Dandelions

Posted by Bryan Buskard on 17 May 2016 | Comments

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May 17, 2016 - Spring Lawn Maintenance: Controlling Weeds 


What to do about those dandelions??

Hi Bryan here, with my latest blog post for the regular everyday homeowner. Since you professionals ( you know who you are… ) don’t really need to read a blog about lawn maintenance.

After a few years of neglect, I decided to get back on course with my previous lawn maintenance schedule, and try to get more grass than weeds in our yard. We have a few challenges in accomplishing this goal though. Our yard is fairly large at 3 acres and we have 4 large rescue dogs, two Dobermans, a Rottweiler and a Boxer. So between the weeds and the pet damage I have my work cut out for me.

Many people choose to go organic by using organic weed killer and fertilizers. Others may even go truly organic, doing what Grandma Colver did, pull the buggers out by hand. But, after spending hour upon hour of my youth digging out dandelions, I prefer to use the chemical method instead of the manual labor method.

The retired PGA golf course manager who taught me all about lawns always said…”Bryan, chemicals are your friend.” But, to be a good steward of Mother Earth, you have to be smart with how you use them. Personally, I choose to use chemicals like 2-4-D responsibly if you would like to more about 2-4-D you can follow this link http://www.24d.org/ .

Many of my friends prefer more earth friendly, organic compounds like GreenEdge Slow Release Organic. Other choices are using boiling water, or fire. A flame-weeder tool is available at most home and garden stores, like Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, and Tractor Supply. Think of the World War II movies with the guy using the flame thrower; this is a mini version of that hooked up to a small propane tank. I haven’t tried it but it sure looks like fun! 

I use a combination of a professional lawn service and my own application. You really can’t control weeds and feed your lawn in a more cost effect way than to have a professional lawn service come in and do it for you. It is just not possible for the average consumer to buy and apply chemicals for less than a lawn service pays when they buy in bulk. A good service will come out and do an assessment on your lawn, identify what types of grass you have, what type of weeds are in your lawn, and the condition of your soil. They will then present you with an application schedule and you can choose your level of lawn commitment.

If you want a golf course type lawn, then you will need multiple applications throughout the year.  The most common application schedule is to follow the holidays, which is what I do, plus I add in one extra application. My additional application is an early crabgrass preventer with a slight bump of nitrogen for feeding as soon as the snow is gone. Then I begin the holiday application schedule starting with Memorial Day as a weed and feed event, Fourth of July is a bug killing and feeding application, followed by another weed and feed application after Labor Day. Remember Kent Equipment for all your lawn and garden needs, we love turning work into play! Thanks again. - Bryan