Spring Maintenance

Spring Maintenance

Posted by Bryan Buskard on 3 May 2016 | Comments

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May 3, 2016 - Spring Preparation of your Power Equipment 

Hi this is Bryan from Kent Equipment located in Sparta Mi, Apple country! Here in Michigan we are wondering if we are ever going to see spring. It has been a weird first three months of the 2016. No big snow falls, a few 60-70 degree days in early March, then cold and dreary until mid April. But sooner or later we will see sunshine and you will need to get your mowers and weed whackers out of hiding in the back of the garage. Kent Equipment is  ready to help you get to work!

One of the first things to consider is the condition of your fuel. Grandpa Colver taught me to drain the oil and run the engine dry in the fall. His theory was that with no gas in the fuel tank there would not be an opportunity for it to gum up. He also didn’t like the idea of the old oil, with its dirt and metal fragments, lying stagnate for months at a time in the bottom of the crank case. One nice thing about fall prep is that, if you do your spring setup at that time, like sharpen the blades, clean or replace your spark plugs and air filters, then you will be ready come first cutting to just add gas and mow. However, fuel has changed allot since Grandpa’s time. Now with the high level of Ethanol in gas, you need to add some type of fuel treatment to your tank if you choose not to run it until empty in the fall. This last October at the Outdoor Power Equipment show in Louisville Kentucky, I learned that gas today starts to deteriorate after about 30 days. To ensure your fuel is safe for use, some people suggest you should insert additive each time you fill you gas can. In this way, you will never forget the additive and will always have good gas. There are numerous fuel stabilizers out there Sta-Bil, Star Tron, Seafoam and everyone has their own opinion on how good each one works. (Since I know you are wondering; I use Star Tron.)

If you have a 2 cycle engine, where you need to mix the fuel and the oil together I recommend Husqvarna pre mixed fuel. I have seen many brand new chain saws brought in for service, that simply needed the carburetor flushed and new fuel added to start right up. Three years ago, at the Outdoor Power Equipment show, I had the opportunity to meet the gentleman who invented the Husqvarna pre mixed fuel.  I asked him what makes it so special. He replied that the main difference is it has zero ethanol so it is much more stable than gas found at the pump. I asked what the shelf life was and he said he didn’t really know. He had created his first batch 5 years ago and it was still on his work bench; so the best he could say was 5 years. Another advantage of pre mixed fuel is that you can never screw up the fuel/oil mix ratio, which if done incorrectly can burn up your engine. In fact, Husqvarna feels so strongly about using this fuel mix that they offer an extended warranty. They will add 2 additional years to your 2-year warranty on a chain saw if you buy 3 cans when you purchase your new saw, and register your product with them after purchase. We look forward to helping you out with whatever you may need once the sun returns to Michigan. When you come in, be sure to ask what other incentives we have available for this Spring.  Thanks again! - Bryan